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Dear Reader—

We’ve come a long way, baby.

In this second issue of Generous, we explore the theme of Marriage as defined as the combination or mixture of two or more elements. We have encouraged the artists presented within these pages to consider an open interpretation of the word and its definition, and indeed they have, investigating the concept in both intra- and extra-personal manners. They’ve probed from the monogamous to the polyamorous, the honeymoon to the divorce, the profane to the political. They’ve examined power dynamics and agency. They’ve answered questions about the role of the individual within a union, expanding our understanding of collaborative coupling.

In addition to exclusive Features and Submissions commissioned from artists spread across the globe, we have expanded this issue with the help of Kyle Seis who conducted interviews with a few of our favorite creator duos. We asked these duos to create a two-part exquisite corpse. This exercise was a blind challenge meant to encourage improvisation, anticipation, and preemptive synchronization. Within the process of collecting interviews, one of our duos split and withdrew from inclusion in this issue. We suspect that the resulting exquisite corpse would have been interesting.

As a trio ourselves, we know the triumphs and the pitfalls of collaboration. A lot has happened since the launch of our first issue of Generous. We’ve since spread out across the States: with Milwaukee as our home base, we are operating with one working from New Haven, CT, and one from Washington, D.C. Texting threads have been our saving grace.

Collaboration has enough uncertainty as it is, but in conditions of instability, mutual trust becomes that much more important. Our interview with Erik Moore and Skully Gustafson sheds some light on how one duo has found trust as an anchor in their work as a collaborative. Khine Hline and Charles Dwyer’s Present fashion feature reveals the sensual complexity of kinship through familiar visual pairings. Lise Haller Baggesen’s Sympathy for the 90s explores cultural and political dissonance through the lens of a mixtape.

With special thanks to all of our contributors and our supporters, we’re elated that we’ve tied the knot on this issue, and release it into the world.

     Generously yours,
     the Co-Editors

     Khine Hline
     aryn kresol
     Nate Pyper